iProcess Online is your single-source back office solution provider. Our solutions scale and flex to fit your organization and all are accessible via iPOWeb, your virtual Support Center. Our integrated Administrative Services Solution is best summarized by its functionality: Imaging (scan & fax), Knowledge (documents, content, search & retention), Business Process (workflow) and Collaboration (projects, documents and meetings), add our Business Intelligence Solution (managed & ad-hoc reporting and ad-hoc query analysis) and you have a powerful back office solution.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Enhance productivity and unlock business potential with dynamic information sharing and collaboration tools that foster teamwork and improved performance.

Get Out From Under the Paperwork

Make burdensome highly administrative tasks a thing of the past. Partnering with iProcess allows you to focus on your business and not the tactical elements of administration. Utilizing workflow technology, iProcess provides a fast, secure and efficient solution for processing any administrative task.

Easy To Use

Our solution is easy to use, with the look and feel of software you may already be accustom to using. iPOWeb is accessible via a secured extranet site. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can quickly find a report, document or dashboard to give you the information you need.


1. Imaging

Our reliable and robust imaging solution integrates and automates the flow of documents and data. Whether you choose to send original documents to our office or fax them to us, we can securely process them through our imaging solution. Data imaging captures the information, indexes it for retrieval, integrates seamlessly with business processes and stores it indefinitely. Imaging saves you time and money while safeguarding information security and privacy.

Go Paperless

As your business process solution provider, we work with you for the best and most efficient way to send us data. If you prefer you can send us your invoices, sales orders, incident reports, purchase orders or other source documents. Upon receiving them we scan and index the information for retrieval and processing. The information on each document you send us is available indefinitely, eliminating the need for physical storage space.

You Can Always Fax It

Rather keep the original documents in your office? That works too, just fax your documents to us. Our solution retrieves your fax and instantly routes it to the appropriate document library, and when applicable, triggering the business process via workflow. Our solution is completely secure and efficient. Mishandled or lost faxed documents are a thing of the past, we use intelligent routing rules to capture and electronically deliver inbound faxes directly to the processor or department.

2. Knowledge

Our Knowledge Solution is located within iPOWeb, it allows users to increase efficiency and improve productivity anywhere internet access is available. Our solution provides a robust storage and knowledge infrastructure that is easy to use for information-sharing, enabling users to stay connected across organizational and geographic boundaries, gaining access to the information they need.

Millions of Documents, One Repository

iPOWeb provides a document repository for all digital content that can manage millions of documents, provide fast and secure access to users, and ensure data integrity. Documents are published to the repository, with associated metadata enabling users to find documents quickly using credential based security to control access. Document metadata, security and retention are based on your business rules.

Find it Fast

Always have what you need at your fingertips. Powered with complex search and retrieval capabilities, iPOWeb includes indexbased searching, full text search, Boolean and thesaurus support.

3. Business Process

The iProcess Business Process Solution provides automated, flexible, integrated workflows that result in improved productivity, increased accountability, and overall added structure to all processes. Plus it integrates with our Knowledge Solution. We can take any of your administrative tasks (business processes) and automate them though our workflow solution.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We streamline and automate any business process, from accounts payables to new hire processing, eliminating the need for routing paper, multiple data entry, and ensure things don't fall through the cracks. What makes our solution so unique is that we work with you to determine which tasks take the most administrative time. Coupled with our solutions, we bring new levels of productivity to the repeatable business activities by automating the process and deliver immediate business value.

Be in the Know

In addition to the benefit of automating those processes that typically require multiple routing and tasks, our solution provides enhanced accountability. Tasks within workflow are automatically assigned and delivered to an individual or group list. Alerts inform users that they have work to be performed and the tasks remain in the list until completed. Tasks cannot be ignored, lost or deleted, and if a task is not done in a timely manner, we build in escalation rules, re-assigning the task to a designee. At any point in the process, you can see where an item is, giving you up to the minute information

4. Collaboration

Collaboration defined as the "act of working together" is critical to your organization's success. Our collaborative workspaces on iPOWeb include everything you need to manage projects, access documents, and conduct meetings. We can help you work better together, increasing success while decreasing costs.

Get Connected

iPOWeb connects people and processes, providing a productive easy to access workspace for people, documents, and information, the tools needed to make more informed decisions and get the job done.

Collective Workspace

More than a place to store information, iPOWeb is our collective workspace where we virtually work next to you. Workflow, reporting, dashboards, and documents are all located in one accessible and organized space where we both go to view, contribute, and act on information. This optimizes productivity and effectiveness.