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As a client of iProcess Online, you are provided with a dynamic and robust human resources information system (HRIS) that is seldom found within small to mid-sized organizations. We call the solution HRWeb. With HRWeb you have all the workforce administration, benefits, compensation, development and payroll functionality you need to manage every aspect of the employee life cycle in one place, whether your workforce management processes are centralized at one location or managed remotely from several locations. HRWeb supports your needs and business rules. Data is easy to retrieve and use, reporting functions allow you to get the information you need.


Track All HR and Payroll Information

With HRWeb, we track all HR related information about your employees including employment history, payroll data, performance, job and salary information, career development, and benefit programs.

Compliance & Privacy

HRWeb makes it easy to record key HR information for government compliance and reporting, including COBRA, FLSA, HIPAA, OSHA, Workers' Compensation, FMLA and EEO. HRWeb also ensures compliance with Social Security Administration and HIPAA confidentiality legislation for protecting sensitive HR data such as employee social security numbers. Role-based security protects the privacy of your workforce data by defining system access based on the user's role. Employees see only information that is appropriate to their role.

Effective Management Tool

HRWeb, available 24/7, provides you with the necessary tools to effectively leverage Human Resources without the administrative burden.

Business Intelligence

There are hugely important interdependencies between HR, Operations, Finance and other functions.  Scheduling, training and poor records management practices all elevate risk exposure, compromise compliance efforts and greatly increase the cost of health benefits.  All of these factors are profoundly detrimental to the bottom line.

Using iProcess Onlines’ Business Intelligence tools, customers have Web access to quickly run over 200 workforce-related reports, workforce analytics and point-in-time reporting, including upcoming performance reviews, headcount reports, general ledger reporting in PDF or Microsoft Excel format.  

This functionality enables business leaders to apply similar controls and metrics, and the same standards of data transparency, procedural integrity and risk management, to the HR function as they do to Operations, Finance and others.  Correlate financial measures with key workforce metrics such as revenue per employee, contribution per headcount, and return on human capital to demonstrate HR‘s strategic value. 

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  • Payroll From Start to Finish
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  • Manager Self-Service
  • Streamline the Salary Planning
  • Raise the Level of Talent
Payroll Processing

The most flexible, functional payroll engine on the market, HRWeb enables iProcess Online, to process your payroll functions quickly and easily.  The choice is yours whether you prefer to process your own payroll in-house or have our team of professionals do it for you; either way it will likely cost less than what you’re paying today just to have your payroll processed.

Workforce Administration

HRWeb can serve as your company's communications hub and the central gateway for business activities because it delivers functionality for everyone in your organization.


HRWeb helps you attract and retain quality employees because it enables you to more easily establish and manage a variety of compensation programs. Plus, it arms you with the HR tools needed to arrive at strategically effective budgeting decisions.

Employee Development

HRWeb provides a cost-effective and efficient Web-based solution for managing employee development throughout the employee lifecycle, including job openings, recruiting, acquisition, hiring, position management and learning management.

Benefits Administration

Most small to mid-sized companies still have paper-based benefit management processes. Aside from the negative impact on productivity, these inefficiencies also result in measurable financial losses. For example, premium payments for terminated or ineligible employees and dependents can go unnoticed for months due to a lack of auditability and control.

We tailor HRWeb to match the benefits that your organization offers its employees, set-up and administer benefit plans, and allow employees to check only those benefit options and coverage for which they are eligible.

With Online Benefits Enrollment, employees can review their benefit choices and make selections on the Web as a new hire, or during defined open enrollment periods. Benefits administrators can set up enrollment sessions over the Web and use tools to monitor the enrollment progress. Benefits Enrollment also guides employees through all of the benefit and personal information changes necessary as a result of a life event such as getting married, having a baby or moving. iProcess Online also facilitates the electronic feeds required for insurance carriers and plan administrators, reducing the need for manual reporting of employee census information, participant coverage, and billing reconciliation.