Human Resource Administration needs are as diverse as the people you employ; your people and their skills are the most valuable asset in your organization. Being able to manage important people information and use the information to make decisions and achieve goals is key to any business. Even effective human resources departments can be costly to operate and might lack the flexibility to adjust quickly to changing business or regulatory requirements.

iProcess Online offers a unique hybrid solution that’s a combination of the best available HRIS and Payroll technology and a hands-on, customer centric service model. We provide you a full-feature Enterprise HRIS and Payroll solution, and deliver it via the Cloud. You receive full-service Payroll Processing, Benefits Administration (including online enrollment), Workforce Administration, Employee Development and Compensation Management, all delivered via a customized employee and manager online self-service portal.


Minimize Costs, Maximize Potential

Maximize your people potential, while minimizing the cost and complexity of administrating salaries, benefits, recruiting and performance management.

Business Intelligence

Turn your everyday people transactions into business insight giving you the ability to better manage your workforce. There are hugely important interdependencies between HR, Operations, Finance and other functions.  Scheduling issues, training issues and poor records management practices all elevate risk exposure, compromise compliance efforts and greatly increase the cost of health benefits.  All of these factors are profoundly detrimental to the bottom line.

Using iProcess Onlines’ Business Intelligence tools, customers have Web access to quickly run over 200 workforce-related reports, workforce analytics and point-in-time reporting, including upcoming performance reviews, headcount reports, general ledger reporting in PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

This functionality enables business leaders to apply similar controls and metrics, and the same standards of data transparency, procedural integrity and risk management, to the HR function as they do to Operations, Finance and others.  Correlate financial measures with key workforce metrics such as revenue per employee, contribution per headcount, and return on human capital to demonstrate HR‘s strategic value.

Strategic Alignment

We take your people transactions, standardize them with technology and optimize the information to improve service delivery and business intelligence, providing your human resources department or management team with the ability to focus on high-value activities in order to attract, retain, and develop your greatest asset: your people.

We Focus on Your Transactional Needs, You Focus on Your Workforce

Our approach cuts costs, provides "on demand" workforce business intelligence, and outstanding service delivery across the entire employment lifecycle. We streamline processing, making recruiting, hiring, and performance reviews more efficient and equitable, assist in ensuring full regulatory compliance, and facilitate consistent, productive communications. Through HRWeb, iProcess' secure "people portal"; you access a comprehensive portfolio of human resource solutions, which makes managing your employees easier.



iProcess' Workforce Administration Solution automates processes for employee data, tracking all HR related information about your employees and working within your business rules.

Employment Life Cycle

From new hire file creation to employee file maintenance, we process it all and provide an effective and efficient way to maintain, access, retrieve and report throughout the employment life cycle. Employment records are easily accessible, providing information on employment history, leaves of absence (including WC, FMLA, and PTO), employee relations, performance and terminations.

Self-Service Option

Through HRWeb, we can offer your employees access to their own contact records, time-off tracking, performance review files, individual payroll data, benefits updates, and other information that matters to them. Employees can make updates on their own and take care of many basic needs and functions.


We make it easy to record and access key HR information for government compliance and reporting, including COBRA, FLSA, HIPPA, OSHA, Workers' Compensation, New Hire Registry, FMLA, and EEOC. Our I-9 or Social Security Number verification services can provide you with the ability to verify documentation, helping to ensure compliance.


Our solution ensures compliance with Social Security Administration and HIPAA confidentiality legislation for protecting sensitive employee data such as employee social security numbers.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Our partner provider integrates directly with our solution to ensure your company is in full compliance with the complex rules governing the WOTC. With the expertise and procedures necessary to ensure timely and compliant submittal and processing of all required paperwork saving both time and frustration.



Managing the complexities of benefits administration can be an administrative challenge, and most small to mid-sized companies still have paper-based benefit management processes. Aside from the negative impact on productivity, these inefficiencies also result in measurable financial losses.  For example, premium payments for terminated or ineligible employees and dependents can go unnoticed for months due to a lack of auditability and control.

iProcess can tailor a solution to match the benefits that your organization offers its employees, set up and administer benefit plans, and allow employees to check benefit options and coverage from the HRWeb people portal.

Accurate Employee and Employer Premium Calculations

Our solution expertly manages the calculation of employee and employer premiums and accurately takes deductions from paychecks, eliminating the need for duplicate rules and duplicate data entry.

Reconciliation and Administration is No Longer a Headache

We work with your benefits providers to ensure your plans are in compliance, your active employees' elected coverage coincides with your premium statements, terminated eligible employees are notified under federal or state continuation or benefit plans (ie COBRA) and the carrier is notified timely, and newly hired employees are provided with the necessary information to elect or decline coverage.

Everything in One Place

Premium information is stored for employee deductions and benefit plans in one common place, including the rules for coverage, premium and employer match computations; eligibility and participation determination; taxation wage accumulation and withholding requirements.

Reduce Costs, Ensure Efficiencies and Compliance

Through our Benefits Administration Solution, we provide everything to you including benefits set-up and enrollment; life, work and age-based events administration; PTO and COBRA administration; medical, dental, life, and disability plan administrative services; retirement, Section 125, and flex plans support. We work closely with your insurance providers to optimize our solution and utilizing direct interfaces if available. When it comes time for benefit renewals and regulatory reporting, iProcess is there to support and provide extensive reporting functionality.



The iProcess Employment Development Administration Solution provides effective employee engagement tools for improved performance while assuming responsibility for tactical recruitment functions. Our solution evolves through the employee life cycle, providing recruitment, selection, orientation support, learning, and performance support.

Manage Your Staffing Needs with a Click of the Mouse

You will always know where you are with issues such as number of open positions and staffing requirements. Having this information at your fingertips enables better planning and more informed decision making for the future. HRWeb allows you to identify hiring needs, screen candidates, and hire applicants quickly. To further simplify the hiring process, HRWeb matches qualified candidates with open positions.

Know Who You're Hiring

You will always know where you are with issues such as number of open positions and staffing requirements. Having this information at your fingertips enables better planning and more informed decision making for the future. HRWeb allows you to identify hiring needs, screen candidates, and hire applicants quickly. To further simplify the hiring process, HRWeb matches qualified candidates with open positions.

Performance Tracking

Our Employee Development Solution includes complete tracking of performance appraisal information, delivering a fast and integrated information tool that provides important information on the largest investment your organization makes—your people. You reduce administrative burdens by monitoring and tracking when performance appraisals are due, maintaining a complete appraisal history, and reporting against the results and history.

Learning Management

Gain measurable performance improvements and better return on learning by taking advantage of the Learning Management component of our Employee Development Solution. Our solution provides all the necessary tools to schedule classes, track learning and recertification, follow career paths, and track the development activities of your people.