iPOWeb is your virtual Support Center

  • Document Imaging (scan & fax)
  • Knowledge Management (documents, content, search)
  • Business Process (workflow)
  • Collaboration (projects, documents and meetings)
  • Business Intelligence (managed & ad-hoc reporting)

iPOWeb is your virtual Support Center, all of our solutions – Human Resources and Payroll (HRWeb), Accounting and Finance, Business Intelligence, Administration and Specialty Services - are housed here. This easy to use and organized collaborative workspace is where we deliver our work product, virtually working right next to you. The sheer functionality and uniqueness of iPOWeb is best summarized by its five key elements: Document Imaging (scan & fax), Knowledge Management (documents, content, search & retention), Business Process (workflow), Collaboration (projects, documents and meetings) and Business Intelligence (managed & ad-hoc reporting and ad-hoc query analysis).

  • The Power to Make Decisions
  • Organized Workspace
  • Easy to Use
  • Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Document Version Tracking
  • Approvals Along the Way

Benefits Extend Throughout Your Organization

Users easily learn to depend on iPOWeb. Grant multiple levels of employee access based upon credentials you define. Looking for a particular source document? Search thousands of documents in seconds. Know the status of a vendor invoice instantly or the number of days to process by step. Quickly run reports, view a dashboard and get the information you need.

Easy to Use

iPOWeb has been designed for ease of use. Even people intimidated by technology find iPOWeb simple to navigate and quick to learn. See your business like you've never seen it before and make better decisions as a result. Find out how today's sales volume in your Des Moines location compares with the Midwest district, or last year's same-day sales. See how much you spend on marketing on the East Coast, which invoices have been paid this month, and which haven't—right now! Look deeply into your company's business intelligence.

The Power to Make Decisions

All of your administrative data, including HRWeb, is in ONE place, accessible instantly, 24/7, through iPOWeb, our secure extranet site. We handle the processing and you approve invoices and new hires, make vendor and employee inquiries or analyze cash flow, any time it's convenient for you. Plus, other company personnel have everything they need to perform their jobs, customized to their needs.

Document Imaging

Document Imaging captures information, codes it for retrieval, integrates seamlessly with all of our business process solutions and stores it indefinitely in document libraries within iPOWeb. Imaging saves you time and money while safeguarding your information.

Knowledge Management

iPOWeb provides you with one depository for all of your documents, everything that you use with a few clicks of the mouse, easily within reach from anywhere you have an internet connection. Better yet, you have access to a dynamic Knowledge Management solution without the huge expense of creating one from scratch, providing access to users throughout your organization and giving them the information they need in an organized and secure environment.

Business Process

One of the most powerful aspects of iPOWeb is the functionality of business process and our workflow technology. Workflows replace heavily administrative processes that you have been accustomed to doing without the aid of technology, for instance, routing invoices for approval. Each workflow is tailored to support your business rules and can be adapted to include role based approvals, can be tied directly into other business applications, and is fully auditable.


Every aspect of iPOWeb is designed to be conducive to collaboration. Whether it's updating the same document with information coming from 5 different department heads or working together on a project and sharing multiple documents or presentations, iPOWeb can handle it.

Business Intelligence

The iPOWeb portfolio of business intelligence solutions enables effortless access to the information vital to the success of your company. Once you've defined what the data is and where it will come from (other than that already being processed by iProcess Online), we'll work with you to take the data and deliver it to you in any number of formats. iPOWeb is capable of managed reporting, ad-hoc querying and reporting, data warehousing, multidimensional data warehousing and reporting, and data mining.