Payroll needs are as diverse as the people you employ; your people and their skills are the most valuable asset in your organization. Being able to manage important people information and use the information to make decisions and achieve goals is key to any business. Even effective human resources departments can be costly to operate and might lack the flexibility to adjust quickly to changing business or regulatory requirements.

iProcess' streamlined Payroll Solution provides flexibility and functionality, enabling an effectively managed payroll function.

Cost Effective Payroll Processing

Your payroll is processed from the employee master file, created via data import or through manual data entry. From your time reporting, we calculate each pay (including gross-to-net), generate NACHA files for direct deposit and check/direct deposit advices, accommodate off-cycle checks, provide a general ledger interface, and dozens of standard payroll reports.

Efficient Payroll Processing

Processing is efficient and accommodates deductions, benefits, and paid time-off plans; shift premiums, piecework, and makeup pay; average pay rates for overtime calculations;garnishments and levy calculations.

Time Reporting Options

Web-based time entry, direct data feeds or manual time card data entry, our solution fits your needs and works within your business rules.

Easy Third-Party Payment Processing

Eliminate the burden associated with managing child support, tax levies, and creditor garnishments, we process all of the necessary payments, saving you time and ensuring compliance with payment orders.

iProcess is Your Virtual Payroll Department & Support Center

Unlike other payroll providers, our staff follows up on each task within your payroll process. If a timesheet is missing or data is not transmitted, we contact you immediately. We also provide you with the opportunity to preview the payroll before final processing, giving you the opportunity to make changes or modifications prior to checks being issued. This truly sets us apart from other providers, eliminating costly corrections and special payroll runs.



Our comprehensive tax management system helps to ensure tax compliance and accurate computations, including multistate taxing rules and reciprocity, as well as taxation wage accumulation and withholding requirements.

Seamless Payroll Tax Processing Solution

Through the utilization of a proven partner provider, all of your filing needs are covered, including per pay period, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Our system delivers all federal, state and local tax updates automatically every quarter as part of our core solution. Our service includes W-2/W-2C filing, printing and delivery, including the ability to reprint on demand,without the need for special forms or added expense.

Stay in Compliance

We help you to stay in compliance as tax forms and regulations change, file all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns accurately and on time, make all federal, state and local payroll tax deposits, generate error-free reports and records, reconcile collection and disbursement of tax funds, and respond to tax agency inquiries. We can assist you with establishing accounts with the state and local agencies. The headache of Multi-Work Site reports is a thing of the past, our solution covers it all.

Comprehensive Tax Processing

Our solution includes the entire process from collecting payroll tax liability through reconciling and disbursing funds. All work performed is documented to support audit requirements and assume responsibility for the accuracy of your returns and the timely deposit of funds. And unlike other Payroll Tax Processing services, there are no year-end fees for annual processing (i.e., W-2, 941, etc.).

Integrated or Stand-Alone

We offer you the option of integrating our Payroll Tax Processing Solution with our Payroll Process Solution, or you can use our Payroll Processing Solution as a stand-alone service, the choice is yours so you get just what you need.



Our Compensation Administration Solution provides you with a standardized and streamlined compensation planning and strategy solution, including base, incentive, equity, & severance pay administration.

Salary Budgeting and Allocations Made Simple

increased funding, or reallocation of spending; enabling your organization to plan current and future positions, allocate resources according to funding requirements, maintain position assignments through HRWeb, and generate reports to compare budgeted versus actual figures—all in a way that is accurate, easy, and flexible.

Manage a Variety of Compensation Programs

We can help you attract and retain quality employees because our solution enables you to more easily establish and manage a variety ofcompensation programs. We arm you with the HR tools needed to arrive at strategically effective budgeting decisions.

Streamline Salary Planning

Eliminate the headaches of salary planning; with our solution your salary planning and budgeting process are streamlined, providing fast and easy access to detailed job and compensation data, merit matrices to help you regulate merit increases to ensure that your actual salary plan is in line with the overall budget, and manage variable pay plans to help you tie employeecompensation to job performance.

One Solution, Many Services

Compensate for specific earning types such as commission, bonus, or car allowance; analyze compensation data as it relates to factors such as job title, performance, and variable pay programs; track and report on compensation throughout your organization.